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January: No Sugar Challenge

Challenge Details

For the month of January we would love for you to join us in a Nutrition Challenge. This Challenge may be different then most you’ve done in the past. We are going to focus on one thing, just one - sugar.

Starting January 7th we are Challenging you all to participate in a No Sugar Challenge! There will be a whiteboard underneath the TV in the Oly room where you can sign up by writing your name, and keep track of the days you successfully make it without sugar! If you are not a current member of Industrial Revolution CrossFit, please place a check mark next to all successful days in the google doc. Here is the link:  

As for the details: While we are promoting this as a No Sugar Challenge, that may look different for each of you based on your goals and lifestyles, that’s ok! That’s actually what we want. If you are already pretty good on the sugar front, you can go for a Whole 30 approach. If you are going to be just starting out on cutting some sugar out the diet, you could start with no ADDED sugar (in your coffee, cookies, candy, soda etc..). Or you can be somewhere in between.

Make this Challenge work for YOU, your lifestyle, and goals in the gym or in any activity of your choice. No matter what level you take the Challenge to, cutting out sugar can be VERY challenging :)

For more details on sugar and the different levels of this challenge, please click here: Info

Are you all set to join this challenge??? Here is the information about on how to register. It's $30.00 to join the challenge...think of this as a $1.00 per day investment in your health;) You need to mark on either the white board (if you are a member) or in the google doc (if you are not a current member) what days you have gone without sugar (according to the level you have chosen). At the end of 30 days, we will draw a name out of a hat to find a winner! You must have shown that you did not eat sugar at least 80% of the time in order to qualify for the drawing. The prize is 3 times the investment you made!!  

Join others to help curb this habit...it's a very tough one to do alone! Give yourself a great jump start to this 2019...make it your best year ever;)

Please feel free to ask questions as we go through the month. Coach Kerri, who has brought this challenge to life (the first one of 12 for the year) will be posting articles/information along the way and answer questions that may arise.  

Thanks Everyone...and happy, healthy eating;)  


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