• Kelly Carse

Kaiti's Kitchen - Easy Taco Salad

Fun fact: Protein is essential to building, retaining, and repairing lean muscle mass.

As much as I love to go out for a burrito or some good tacos, I also love a quick and easy version of a homemade taco salad. This is a recipe that is so versatile, loaded with protein, and is great as a post or pre-workout meal—depending on what you add into it—or just as an easy dinner after a long day! Happy cooking!


3oz-10oz of preferred meat (Ground chicken, ground turkey, lean ground beef, grilled chicken, steak, or shrimp are great options for this dish!)

86g black beans

Mexican/fajita/taco seasoning 


2oz nonfat plain Greek yogurt (in substitution for sour cream)

50g avocado or guacamole 

2oz pico de gallo or your favorite salsa

100g bell peppers (grilled or raw) 

Fresh Jalapenos, onions, cilantro

28g shredded Mexican cheese blend (reduced fat or regular depending on your caloric needs)

*note: the serving size of meat is dependent upon your own caloric/protein intake needs


Chop all fresh ingredients

Season and brown or grill your desired meat

Add black beans and bell peppers to your meat

Place meat on a bed of lettuce or your favorite leafy green

Top with remaining fresh ingredients, as desired

(Add some rice to your bowl, if you’re looking to balance this meal out with some extra carbohydrates. I like to add lime juice and fresh cilantro to my rice for this meal!)

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